M2tango Studio – Argentine tango

New Beginners’ Class

The new Beginners’ Class will start the 24th October and our very experienced teachers Berna Dilek and Rasmus Schæffer Christensen will lead you through your first Tango steps. Register here

New to tango? Try tango every Sunday

Never danced tango before? Every Sunday from 18:30-19:30 you have the possibility to try dancing tango. You don’t have to bring a partner. No need to sign up for intro to tango. After the class it’s possible to stay for a glass of wine and more social dancing. Learn more.

Practica and Milonga with Intro to tango

Our practica El Diego-10 is open every Tuesday from 20:15-23:30 on 2nd floor. No partner or sign up necessary!

Guided Practica is from 20.15 to 21.15

The cosy afternoon milonga TangoCafé is every second Saturday from 15:00-18:00. Next date is the 21. October.

Argentine Tango

Beauty, Sensuality, Elegance, Presence, Joy, Music, Poetry, Embrace … Argentine Tango.

Argentine tango expresses the many facets of life and is centered in a subtle communication between man and woman. The dance opens for the opportunity to explore and develop aspects of oneself; to say yes to a dance is like stepping into a micro cosmos with ample possibility to explore masculine and feminine sides, strength, body awareness and communication between the dance partners.

Besides from stage and show dance Argentine tango is a social dance. A dance practiced in metropoles around the world with vibrant tango communities where it is possible to go out and dance every night, watch shows and listen to great tango orchestras in an international environment.


New Beginners' Class

The 24th of October a new Beginners' Class is starting with our experienced teachers Berna Dilek and Rasmus Schæffer Christensen.

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Show with Pablo and Daniela

The 10th of October Pablo Velez and Daniela Kizyma will give a show during our practica "El Diego". The practica is from 20.15 to 23.30 and from 20.15 to 21.15 we have a guided practica. Do not miss those amazing dancers.

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